Introducing: The Global Communication Hub

Launching early 2024

A place where individuals and organizations interacting with people, projects, and ideas in different languages and social, cultural, and geographical contexts can access community, resources, learning, and coaching to communicate more effectively and enhance their global impact.


Unleash your global potential through effective cross-cultural and multilingual communication.

Our vision is for the Global Communication Hub to be a vibrant and inclusive community for individuals and organizations seeking to enhance their cross-cultural and multilingual communication skills to make a greater global impact. Our mission is to empower members by providing them with the resources, support, and knowledge they need to make a greater impact beyond the bounds of language and culture.

The founders of the Global Communication Hub recognize the importance of effective communication in bridging the gaps between languages and cultures, while also understanding the many challenges individuals and organizations typically face in making this happen.

Whether you are an individual navigating cross-cultural interaction, a leader learning to communicate through interpreters, an organization looking to reach an international audience, or a project leader involved in the creation of multilingual resources, or simply an individual seeking to effectively communicate with people from diverse backgrounds, the Global Communication Hub will be the ideal community for you to connect, learn, and grow.

By joining the Global Communication Hub, you will have access to a supportive network of like-minded individuals and experts to support you in your communication journey, as well as access to a wealth of knowledge and done-for-you resources that will make communicating effectively in different languages and cultural contexts easier than you ever imagined.


What you’ll get through the Global Communication Hub

Communicate confidently and more efficiently across cultures and languages.

The Global Communication Hub seeks to be an all-in-one platform that will equip you to effectively communicate beyond the barriers of language and culture in a way that is appropriate, clear, and results focused. If you’re learning to work with interpreters, presenting products and services to audiences from a different background, living and working as an expat, or involved in some other form of cross-cultural communication, we believe the Global Communication Hub will be an invaluable resource in your growth as a global communicator.

Connect with experts

Through the Global Communication Hub, you’ll be able to connect with experts in fields such as cross-cultural communication, localization, translation, interpretation, English for speakers of other languages, and more. You’ll be able to ask questions anytime, as well as learn from others’ questions.

Get done-for-you resources

Need to prepare a presentation for speakers of English as a second language? Not sure how to prepare for a course you’re teaching through an interpreter? Needing to localize resources into multiple languages and don’t know where to start? You’ll have access to templates and checklists made by experts in the field so you know exactly what to do and in what order to communicate as effectively as possible.

Learn and grow

The Global Communication Hub will give you access to learning opportunities on all sorts of topics related to global communication. We’ll be looking at how to apply the Global Communication Model to any communication task, deep-diving into different communication scenarios and mediums, as well as discussing the mindset needed to effectively live, work, and communicate in a cross-cultural or multilingual context.

Have your say

If you join the waitlist today, you’ll be signing up to the Global Communication Hub as a founding member, giving you access to exclusive benefits that include the ability to influence the direction of our community. We’ll be asking you to tell us the resources and information you need the most right now, and will prioritize supporting your unique communication tasks.


The face behind the Global Communication Hub

The Global Communication Hub is run by Emma Kim, Founding Director of Ruah Language Ltd., a localization services provider operating in Hiroshima, Japan and Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.

Emma founded the Global Communication Hub out of a desire to provide companies with more than just translation and localization services. Through her years of work supporting clients in cross-cultural and multilingual communication, she realized that to empower these businesses and individuals to connect in a meaningful and effective way with their global audiences and to connect communication to their ideal results and outcomes, those in the communication industry need to provide them with the tools and knowledge to drive their own communication tasks and processes rather than relying on external services providers who so often only provide one or two pieces of the communication puzzle.

The Communication Hub is therefore a brand-new offering in the localization and cross-cultural services industry that will empower members to take ownership of the way they communicate across languages and cultures to increase their global impact and the results they experience as individuals and organizations.

You can connect with Emma on LinkedIn, book an online meeting, or learn more about Ruah Language here.

Emma Kim
Founding Director, Ruah Language Ltd.